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 In October 2011 I had this article published in the www.crikey.com.au ‘Back in a Bit’ travel blog:


In April 2011 I had this article published in the www.crikey.com.au ‘Back in a Bit’ travel blog:


Part One Syria travels 2009 pdf

Part Two Syria travels 2009 pdf 

Part Three Syria travels 2009 pdf

After I returned from Syria and Jordan in early 2009, I wrote a series of articles about Syria which were published on www.psnews.com.au.  The pdfs of the articles can be found above – sorry about the clunky format; the links have been archived.

I was National Spokesperson for Friends of the ABC from 2003 to 2006. Some of my pre-2006 media releases can be found at: www.friendsoftheabc.org, and a quick google search for ‘Friends of the ABC’ and ‘Margaret O’Connor’ will reveal my grubby little handprints all over everything.

Part of my role as Spokesperson was to keep an eye on media coverage of ABC and public broadcasting issues. At one stage I got so fed up with reading articles which employed flimsy, subjective and illogical argument techniques to attack the broadcaster, (and for that matter, anything else with the unmitigated gall to have public money spent on it) that I wrote a guide for seeing through them, ‘How to Spot a Dodgy Argument’, which can be found here: http://www.fabcact.org/argument.html


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