In July 2011 we did the most fabulous gig at the National Museum of Australia as part of the ‘Not Just Ned’ Irish Exihibition. The audience was great, the music was great, – gotta love the Irish. If you do a really good gig, you feel like you are floating on air for about a week afterwards.

AUDIO – Bloomsday 

Graeme Adler and I hosted ‘Bloomsday’ at the Paperchain Bookstore on 16 June 2009 and 2010. ‘Bloomsday’ is an annual celebration of the life and works of James Joyce, in particular his book ‘Ulysses’. It is customary to celebrate other aspects of Irish culture on ‘Bloomsday’, and we performed a selection of the poetry of W.B. Yeats set to music as well as other Irish bits and pieces. (The audio file above, recorded on 14 June 2010, is of a live interview and performance on ABC 666 Canberra.) Over 60 people fronted up to the Paperchain Bookstore in 2009 on a freezing cold Canberra night to share the fun, and to teach US a few things about Irish culture!!  Who in a million years would ever have thought that there would be so many people lurking around who enjoy reading passages from ‘Ulysses’ aloud…..

Suil A Run

In 1994 I visited Ireland and went to a folk festival in Tipperary. I learned this song (Suil A Run) and later on that year recorded it on a demo tape.


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