Settling in

Monday 29 July. Settling in. Acclimatising to the constant heat. Realising that my shoes are too narrow in the toes and they make my feet hurt by the end of the day, especially as they swell in the heat. I’ll just have to put up with them until the end of the dig as I don’t have another pair of closed walking shoes with me.

Today I assisted with establishing a new square. The purpose of the square is to dig a ‘probe’ down to see if two stone features discovered in neighbouring trenches (walls at a 45 degree angle to another) intersect. Laying the square out with string boundaries. Ensuring they are straight. Then digging the probe. ‘Big picking’ it (as the phrase suggests, lots of macho pick swinging to dislodge all that pesky compacted soil) but not to enthusiastically. You don’t want to suddenly find you have gone 10 cm down when the surface is only supposed to be 5 cm down….then levelling it. Then carting interminable buckets of soil and rock away…..


~ by margoforte12 on August 3, 2013.

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