16 – 17 July. I’ve heard that apparently Canberrans can be deficient in Vitamin D because it’s cold and us pale public servant types are so tied to our workstations, churning out Senate Estimate briefs and other Big Important Things, that we don’t get out enough to frolick in the sun. Yesterday (16th) I think I totally replenished my Vitamin D supplies, with enough left over in reserve to keep me going for several years, on a cruise down the coast from Paphos. I think I assumed that, being an Australian – everyone KNOWS how hot and fierce the sun is there – I had a magical immunity to sunburn, and all the Brits and Russians and other Northern Hemisphere pansies may need heaps of sunscreen – but not me, the big tough Australian girl. The result was a sense of shock when at the end of the day I glimpsed myself in the mirror. Ah well, at least I don’t look like a pale public servant type any more.

Thankfully today (17th) was cloudy in the morning, giving my sunburn a chance to recover as I hoofed it yet again down to the IMG_0919[1]harbour, stopping on the way at a site with the tongue twisting name of ‘Hrysopolitissa Basilica and St Paul’s Pillar’. On display are the remains of a 4th century Christian basilica with large mosaics still visible. Wow. Gotta love those humungous great big mosaics with the twirly whirly decorative motifs. Off to the Archaeological Museum, and more decorated pottery than I could poke a stick at.


~ by margoforte12 on July 17, 2013.

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