Torquay to Cape Otway 21 December 2011

It had been a long time, if at all, since I drove the eastern leg of the Great Ocean Road which I did before Christmas 2011, and quite frankly I think all who do so should be awarded a T-Shirt displaying some natty little slogan along the lines of ‘I survived the Torquay to Cape Otway leg of the Great Ocean Road without writing my car off or soiling myself’. Random curves in the road, murderous fellow motorists, sheer cliff faces…..Disconcertingly, there are also road signs up clarifying which side of the road Australians drive on.

The drive was spectacular, though, in a ‘shit-I’had-better-not-take-my eyes-off-the-road-even-for-a nosecond’ type of a way. After trying hard not to die for a good part of the day, I arrived safely at Bimbi Park Caravan Park at Cape Otway late on Tuesday 20 December.

Ahh……so peaceful and relaxing…after settling in I went for a walk from the caravan park down to Station Beach. Halfway, I heard some serious feral animal sounds. ‘Gosh’ I thought – ‘they must be keeping pigs in a nearby paddock’. Further along I head extremely loud terrifying feral animal noises right in front of me. Definitely pigs, I thought, wild feral pigs that were obviously roaming the Otways. I backtracked very quickly and headed at a rate of knots back to the caravan park. Later on that night I heard the noises coming from the trees around me and thought that unless the pigs I heard were very dextrous and could climb, then the noises were probably from some very grumpy koalas which are a dime a dozen around here. I felt like a git. Never mind.


~ by margoforte12 on December 22, 2011.

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