Tuesday 1 February 2011. This is the last entry in my blog of my Middle Eastern adventures. I flew back to Australia a few days later, avoiding the unrest that flared up in Syria a month or so later

AM Checked out Al Jdeida, a nice little Ottoman era suburb not too far from the souq. Practiced my bargaining. Taxi (costing about A 0.70 cents) back to the Old City. The Syrian seat belt issue has proved to be complex, with some taxi drivers sternly indicating that I should be wearing one and others shaking their heads just as sternly when I try to buckle up. Syrians are ***creative*** drivers by Australian standards – or maybe they just have better reflexes – and I would really really really rather be wearing one. It transpired that wearing seat belts is mandatory in Damascus but not in other parts of Syria.

Unfortunately this is the end of my visit to the Middle East, as tomorrow I am flying to Amman for an overnighter before departing for Australia,  What with the Pella dig, a little self enclosed bubble in its own way, and Syria, I feel as though I have been away for about a thousand years.

And you know what? In two visits I have only scratched the surface of Syria, the History Capital of the World. (sigh) so many interesting things to see, so little time….


~ by margoforte12 on February 2, 2011.

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