Tuesday 18 January 2011

A couple of hours in the trench before going on a day trip to the Irbid museum.

Arabic workman: ‘You look tired, Matt’.

Margaret, wanting to show off the fact that she had learned the Arabic word for ‘tired’ – ‘TabOON, eh? TabOON?’

Matt: ‘TabOON is the Arabic word for bread oven, Margaret.’ (As opposed to the TabARN which means ‘tired’). ‘You’ve just called me a bread oven!!’

No wonder the Arabic workmen were giving me blank looks.

At the Irbid Museum I saw the aforementioned mortar and pestle, and also a formidable looking leg iron chain thing, excavated by Pella archaeologist Margaret O’Hay from a cave on the side of Tell Husyn. It was attached to a skeleton – probably a slave, who had been decapitated.


~ by margoforte12 on January 29, 2011.

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