Thursday 13 January 2011

Woke up this morning with the wind blowing a gale. Everyone slogged their way up Tell Husyn muffled up like Scott of the Antarctic. Managed to clean down a wall with dust blowing in my eyes the whole time ($$##!!) no mean feat I can tell you. The wind is so strong that it has turned our ‘toilet tent’ practically inside out. I climbed down Tell Husyn at the end of the day with something to keep for my self, a piece of ‘Chocolate on White’ pottery ware – it wasn’t found in a properly prepared trench, therefore I was told i could keep it for myself. I fronted up to the washbasins looking like a Dickensian chimney sweep – dust in my hair, clothes, even my eyelashes!!

Meanwhile my Arabic is progressing in awkward leaps and bounds. My favourite word at the moment would have to be ‘Afwan’. It’s a kind of multi-purpose word meaning ‘you’re welcome’, ‘excuse me’  and in some contexts ‘I’m sorry’. Plenty of opportunities to practice using this word in the trench, I can assure you.

‘Afwan, Abu Mohammed, please empty this goofa (bucket)’

‘Afwan, Abu Wasfi, I have to get past and I really, really don’t want to knock you off the top of a really high Tell, even accidentally’

‘Afwan, afwan, I’m sorry I keep flicking dirt in your eyes’


~ by margoforte12 on January 28, 2011.

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