Monday 10 January

I’M BACK!! Ah Pella, you fantastic site you. It’s so good to be back here!! Highlights of my first day included:

  • attending the orientation talk and trench tour given by the Director of the Dig, Stephen Bourke, and realising that this time, I can actually understand some of it
  • marvelling at the history of this place – Canaanite temples. Epipaleolithic. Paleolithic. Neolithic. 636AD the Battle of Fahl. Bronze Age pottery lying around the site. The name of Pella (Hellenistic) from which the name of the nearby village (Tabaquat Fahl) is thought to derive.
  •  from the roof of the dighouse, seeing a huge meteorite flash across the Jordanian sky
  • waking up at 3.00am with the assistance of an advanced case of jet lag and a hormonally confused rooster (see 2009 blog. It just wouldn’t be Pella without eccentric roosters crowing at all hours of the day and night!
  • discovering that there is actually someone else besides myself who not only remembers the theme to that 1970s BBC production set in the North of England, ”When the Boat Comes In.’ (“Thou shall have a fishy/On a Little Dishy/Thou shall have a Fishy/When the Boat Comes In”) but who actually sometimes hums it around the house (Paul Donnelly, one of the trench supervisors). Scary.

Tomorrow’s my first day in the trench!! Same trench as last time, which I am really happy about.


~ by margoforte12 on January 28, 2011.

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