Friday 14 and Saturday 15 January 2011

On a day trip to Jerash (roman ruin) a couple of us managed to flush an internet cafe out from the undergrowth and I took some notes on the situation in QLD and let everyone at dinner know later on that night that there was major damage to the power network in the city, it would be a week before power to the Brisbane CBD was restored, and although 86 towns and cities had been affected by the floods the clean up was in full swing.

Quotes of the Day Stephen Bourke – ‘ This trench is important. ‘I wanted big brawny girls (meaning Jillian and I) to work up here, not delicate little sylph like flowers’

Matt (trench supervisor) to Lucas, 14 year old son of two of the trench supervisers, who was giving us a hand in the trench – ‘Well done, Lucas and your groupies’  (meaning Jillian and I).

I’ve come down with a shocking lurgie, along with everyone else in the dig house. Share those germs around, I say!! Last time I had such a bad cold that the workmen christened me ‘Margaret Rashash’ (Margaret sneeze).


~ by margoforte12 on January 28, 2011.

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