Saturday, Sunday and Monday 17th, 18th and 19th January

Volunteers at Pella have three full days in the trenches, followed by three days with mornings in the house sorting through and cleaning finds before going up to the trench for the rest of the day. Volunteers doing their rotations in the house wash bone, shell, shell, flint and glass, and sort through soil samples (flot) with a skewer. And that’s exactly what I did, before scooting up to my trench, from which there was – finally – some pottery, flint and bone emerging.
Jamie asked me to watch out for pieces of pottery. I would pounce eagerly on a piece of rock, and say ‘pottery?’ ‘No, it’s a rock, Margaret.’ Then I would do the same thing again. ‘No, another rock’. ‘No, a rock.’ ‘No, that is what we call in the industry a rock, Margaret’.
The tenth time this happened I threw the rock on the ground in a pet. Abu Wasvy, one of the workmen, thought that my attempts to see pottery everywhere were highly amusing. 
On another occasion one of the Arabic workers asked Jamie if he had a dog.
"Yes, I have a dog’.
"Do you own a donkey?’
‘Ahhh…no, I don’t own a donkey.’
‘But why? Donkeys do so much more work than dogs!’
It IS hard to argue with logic like that.

~ by margoforte12 on February 4, 2009.

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