Sunday 11 January

First day at the dig!! Despite clear directions given by the Pella Project to the rendezvous, the Council for British Research in the Levant (CBRL), it took two taxi drivers and a CBRL employee to get me there. ##@@!!! I WANT TO GO TO THE COUNCIL FOR BRITISH RESEARCH IN THE LEVANT, NOT THE AMMAN INTERNATIONAL HOTEL!!! I felt like screaming at one of the taxi drivers, but didn’t, because I am a lady. At the Amman International Hotel, just up the road, where I had been dumped unceremoniously by one of the taxi drivers, the staff fluttered around as I did my block about life, strange cities where people spoke a language other than English, and taxi drivers in general.
A CBRL employee turned up and took me around there, where someone made me some tea, which I had with real milk, for the first time since I had been away – so comforting – and I calmed down considerably. Other volunteers turned up in dribs and drabs and we traded introductions and horror stories about taxi drivers.
On the way to the dig we descended gradually into the Jordan Valley past distant views of the Dead Sea. The dig site itself is pretty amazing; flocks of goats and sheep wearing bells, Roman and Byzantine ruins, and some seriously biblical – looking clouds (see my photo).

~ by margoforte12 on February 3, 2009.

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