Wednesday 7 January – back to Damascus


Back to Damascus today on the bus! I am going to be very very restrained and avoid any use of the term ‘Road to Damascus’ because that would simply be too much. We drove through landscapes that looked positively post-apocalyptic, like the barren aftermath of a nuclear war. Perhaps I shouldn’t joke about such things given the current events in the Gaza Strip and their potential impact on the region.

I’m pleased to report that winter weather in Syria is not always ‘effing cold’. Most of the time it’s more like ‘Canberra-cold’ which means that it’s brisk in the morning, clearing to cheerful sunny days.  That’s what I suspected would be the case, and I’m mightily glad that it is so. Great for sight seeing.

I hope in about a week when I’m perched on some barren Jordanian hilltop at 7.00am, digging in the dirt and trying to concentrate on what I am doing, that the weather is Canberra-cold and not effing cold, otherwise I will freeze my butt off.

Regards Margaret


~ by margoforte12 on January 8, 2009.

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