Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd January, Amman, Jordan

Checked into my hotel in Amman around 4.15 pm on the 31st December after my flight got in, faffed around unpacking my avalanche of clothes, travel gear and bits and pieces, and vaguely registered the Call to Prayer somewhere in the city before fatigue hit me. I was so tired I would have slept through a metal drill going off three metres away from me, so I was mostly oblivious to loud music playing somewhere in the vicinity, and it took ‘Sweet Dreams are made of These’ by the Eurythmics, sandwiched between the latest ‘songs’ on the Arabic top ten hit parade, to wake me at about 1.30am. It’s an education when you realise exactly what some people in the world listen to, presumably of their own free will too.
The penny dropped. It was New Year’s Eve! Hence the pounding music and cries of revelry!
The next day I took on Amman and its taxi drivers (not for the faint hearted). I fetched up in the ancient Citadel area, specifically, in the National Archaeological Museum. This area is history on a stick. I decided I had better start educating myself about historial periods so I can save face when I start work on the dig at Pella. So I made notes in my notebook of the handy information available at the museum –
Palaeolithic Period – One million BC to 10,000 years ago
Neolithic Age – 8000 to 4500 BC
Chalcolithic Age – 4500 to 3300 BC
Early Bronze Age – 3300 to 1900 BC
Middle Bronze Age 3300 to 1900 BC
Late Bronze Age – 1900 to 1550 BC
Iron Age 1 – 1200 to 900 BC
Iron Age 2 – 900 to 550 BC
Hellenistic Period – 332 BC to 63 AD
Roman Age – 63 BC to 324 AD
Byzantine Age – 324 to 661 AD
Islamic Age – 661 to 1916 AD.
I saw fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the earliest sculptures in history, neolithic skulls and pottery from Jericho, and even something excavated at Pella!  I took some photos and caught the bus to Damascus the next day…to be continued…..

~ by margoforte12 on January 1, 2009.

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