My travel plans are shaping up

It’s only three weeks until I take off overseas (I am flying out on 30 December). The plan is to stay in Amman, Jordan for a couple of nights, then travel to Damascus, Syria (only a three hour trip overland from Amman). Damascus sounds really great and maybe I’ll get to Palmyra and Aleppo which also sound great.
Then it’s back to Jordan to meet up with the people from the Near Eastern Archaeological Foundation who are going to take us by minibus to Pella where we will be digging in the dirt for three weeks.
Would have loved to get to Turkey but it’s not possible on this trip.
So for the next three weeks I will be desperately trying to keep my mind on work. Everything is working out –   My visas are all sorted with a minimum of bureaucratic stuffing around, unheard of in my experience. And the other day I found somewhere that sells travel size plastic bottles for shampoo. (This may seem trivial but these things are dear to a girl’s heart). To top it off, on Saturday I visited one of the many fine Canberra op shops (good old Salvos) and scored two second hand mens corduroy shirts and a daggy old hat, perfect for the dig. My preparations are going so well that I’m starting to wonder when something will go wrong (Hepatitis B, the Bubonic Plague, piracy, terrorism perhaps??) 

~ by margoforte12 on December 8, 2008.

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